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About Us

Bully Max is the #1-rated, best-selling muscle builder for dogs worldwide since 2008.

Bully Max was founded in Pittsburgh, PA (USA) by Matthew Kinneman (an expert in Schutzhund Training, and an experienced American Bully and American Pit Bull Terrier handler (in both UKC & ABKC shows).

Over a period of 15 years, Mr. Kinneman used various dog foods, diets, and supplements. Throughout these trials and errors, Mr. Kinneman discovered there was a common factor — these foods and supplements lacked the essential ingredients for building & maintaining a muscular physique. The type of physique thats needed to excel in dog shows and dog sports dog sports (such as schutzhund, weight pull, dock diving, & more).

Bully Max was formulated to fill this void in the nutrition space. And with the help of a team of Veterinarians and nutritionist Bully Max was formulated.

Over the next 10 years, the Bully Max formula has been used by the world's top breeders, trainers, and veterinarians.

To this date, over 393,932 dogs owners use Bully Max to pack on muscle & maximize growth.

Frequent asked questions about Bully Max

Is Bully Max safe? Yes. Bully Max is 100% safe, natural, and vet-approved. There are no side effects.

Can all breeds use it? Yes. Bully Max is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Bully Max works exceptionally well with working breeds (such as the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Bully, Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and more). However, it works effectively for lower energy breeds as well.

How long until I see results? Results are seen within 3 weeks.

Do I need to exercise my dog? Exercise isn't required, but it will increase the results that Bully Max delivers. A spring pole set up, or flirt pole exercises will increase the results. Here's how you can build a spring pole using parts found at your local pet store and hardware store:

How old does my dog have to be to use Bully Max? You can start using Bully Max muscle builder for dogs at 12 weeks of age. There's no age limit and older dogs can use Bully Max as well.

Are results guaranteed? Yes. Results are guaranteed or your money back. If you don't love the results that Bully Max delivers, simply drop us an email ( We'll provide a return label for the unused portion of the product and refund your order in full. We can only provide this guarantee since the satisfaction rating is so high. Otherwise, this guarantee wouldn't be possible.

What happens when I stop using Bully Max? When you stop using Bully Max, the results aren't lost. You dog will maintain 75 - 80% of the muscle they gained while using Bully Max.

How long can I use Bully Max for? For maximum results, you can use Bully Max year round as a part of your dog's daily diet.

Where can I find Bully Max reviews? We recommend Amazon as a source of unbiased public reviews: View Bully Max reviews on Amazon.

Please note: The original Bully Max tablet formula delivers the same results as the powder version of Bully Max that's made in Australia.

Bully Max in Australia

With the demand for Bully Max being so high in Australia, Bully Max has decided to start manufacturing product in New South Wales Australia.

Bully Max can now ship to anywhere in Australia for under $7.80 AUD.